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Introduction to the Great Loop
Intrigued by the Great Loop?  Take a tour of the waterways along the Great Loop route, learn important stats and view photos from Loopers in this introductory video.
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About the Route
The Great Loop is a 6,000 mile boating adventure dreamed about by many, but completed by few. Learn more about the places you’ll visit along the way...
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Loop Completions
Have you recently completed the Great Loop? For AGLCA to officially recognize it and celebrate with you, please fill out this form.
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Learn More
If you’ve checked out the Introduction to the Great Loop video and become familiar with the Route, and still have an interest to learn more, we have plenty more resources—podcasts and webinars, just to name a few.
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Great Loop Necessities
Are you fascinated with the Great Loop but wonder how you can make it happen? AGLCA can offer you one-stop shopping for boats, products and services you need to make your Great Loop dream a reality.

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