Searching for your Great Loop boat?

Start Here! Resources include details on popular boats for the Loop, finding insurance, working with a broker, and more!

This page is a resource for Loopers in the process of identifying and purchasing their Great Loop boat. In addition to the detailed information below, please visit our Classified ads where there are categories for boats for sale by our sponsors and members.  Our Forum also includes a category for Boat Buying, Surveying, and Financing discussions.

Great Loop Boat Specs
Requirements for the Boat

The Great Loop has been done in everything from a 70+-foot yacht to a jet ski and everything in between.  The main requirement is that the boat be able to handle the "big water" you'll find on the Great Loop like the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.  Beyond seaworthiness, there are a few requirements for your boat's specifications, particularly its bridge clearance/air draft. You can learn about some of the most popular styles of Looper boats from Gold Loopers who have completed the Loop by viewing these free, members-only webinars, which feature Virtual Looper Crawls. 

Insurance for your boat

Insurance: A Big Hurdle

Many Loopers, particularly those without significant previous boating experience, and those looking to go up by more than 10-feet in length from their previous boat, are currently having difficulties insuring their new (or new-to-them) Great Loop boat. AGLCA has covered this issue in our Great Loop Radio podcast and our Great Loop Link newsletter.


Boat Buying Process
How the Boat Buying Process Works, Especially in the Current Market

AGLCA has lots of resources available to you to help you understand how to buy your Great Loop boat. Check out the "Lunch & Learn" from a recent virtual Rendezvous where Michael Martin of Curtis Stokes & Associates answers your questions about the boat buying process, or view the webinar from Curtis Stokes on Finding and Buying your Great Loop Boat.  Finally, our "How I Found My Great Loop Boat" podcast series is designed to give you some ideas.


Stats about Looper boats
Fun Facts about Looper Boats

Average size:  The average size boat in the AGLCA fleet is 40.6'. The average size for boats that completed the Great Loop in 2021 is also 40'.

Types of Vessels: For members listing their type of boat, 50.1% said Motor Yacht/Power Cruiser, 39.9% said Trawler, 6.4% said Sailboat, and 3.6% said Catamaran.


Members' boat makes, lengths, and types can be found by searching on those fields in our Member Directory.

Buyers Brokers
Why You Should Engage a Buyer's Broker

AGLCA recommends you engage a buyer's broker to help you with this process. There are many ways a broker helps, particularly in a market like the one we're in today.


AGLCA Sponsors
AGLCA Sponsors Can Help!

AGLCA has sponsors who are yacht brokers, marine insurance experts, boat finance experts, and more!  These are professionals who support Loopers and AGLCA, and know the ins-and-outs of what Loopers need to successfully buy, finance, insurance, and document their vessels. You can search our Sponsor Directory by category to make finding the resources you need easy and fast!