Members-Only Facebook Group

New AGLCA Members-Only Facebook Group Launched!

We are pleased to announce our new AGLCA Members-Only Facebook Group! Read on to learn how to join the group and access it as one of the benefits of your AGLCA membership. Further down, there is more information on why we’re creating this group.

How do I join the AGLCA Members-Only Facebook Group?

To keep the new Facebook group to AGLCA Members only, those wanting to participate must be added, and those who let their memberships lapse must be removed. This will be no small feat for the Home Port Crew as about 150 people join AGLCA each month, while many others let their memberships lapse. So, we’re putting in place some procedures to help lighten the load.

First, you must add the URL for your Facebook Profile to your account on the website. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Find and copy your Facebook profile link:
    1. On a mobile device:
      1. Whether in the Facebook App or a Browser, navigate to your profile page.
      2. Hit the three dots on the upper right.
      3. Scroll down to “copy link to profile” and tap that.  You’ll see a message that the link is copied to the clipboard.
    2. On a laptop/desktop computer:
      1. Navigate to your Facebook profile page.
      2. Using your mouse, select the entire address (URL) in your browser’s address field.
      3. Copy the URL by right clicking and selecting “Copy” or hitting CTRL + C on your keyboard.
  2. Paste your Facebook profile link into your profile on the website.
    1. Visit
    2. Login as an AGLCA member when prompted.
    3. Once you are logged in, you’ll be on your profile page.  Scroll down to the social media section of your profile and enter (paste) the URL of your Facebook profile in the Facebook field as shown below:
Social Media Profile Screenshot Cropped.png









Next, you must request to join the AGLCA Members-Only group following these steps:

  1. Visit in a browser, or, in the Facebook app, search for America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association Members Only.
  2. Tap the Join Group button
  3. You will be asked for the email address associated with your AGLCA membership. 
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you’ve completed the step above for adding your Facebook profile’s URL to your account. Click Submit.
  5. The Home Port Crew will review your request and approve your membership in the Facebook group.

A few things to note:

There will be one Facebook profile or page allowed in the AGLCA Members-Only group per AGLCA member email address. If you and your spouse/cruising partner want to each join the AGLCA Members-Only Facebook group, you must make sure you have separate logins for the website with different email addresses. Instructions on how to add a second person to your account were included in the October 2023 Great Loop Link, which you can review here:

Why We Believe It’s Time for an AGLCA Members-Only Facebook Group.

If you have spent time on Facebook (in our public group or elsewhere), you know the ease of communication on that platform comes with a fair amount of social media noise. As our public Facebook group, The Great Loop, continues to grow with over 117,000 members and counting, the noise gets louder. Obviously, not everyone in this public group is an AGLCA member and many of them enjoy a good sparring match more than they enjoy passing along good information in a respectful manner.

Your Home Port Crew moderates the group as best we can, but in a group of that size, no matter how diligently we moderate, unkind and discourteous comments will find their way in. 

We’ve heard from members and non-members alike who don’t ask questions and participate in this Facebook group because of the keyboard warriors who lack the respect the rest of the group deserves and expects when they seek answers to their questions in a Facebook group with the AGLCA name on it. We are also concerned about the inaccurate information we see and the many cringe-worthy posts that just aren’t what the group is about. It is disheartening when we read comments along the lines of “If this group is how Loopers treat each other, we want no part of the Loop”. Our actual members know the Loop is all about the people and the camaraderie. 

Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and many of our members enjoy the convenience of interfacing with other Loopers and the Home Port Crew on a platform where they already spend time. So, we want to create an environment on Facebook where members can ask their Loop-related questions and get thoughtful, helpful answers from other members of the Association without all that social media noise.

What will happen with the current Facebook Group and the Website Discussion Forum?

The current public Facebook group will remain on Facebook and available to AGLCA members and non-members alike. The website discussion forum also isn’t going anywhere, as it’s been a staple of our membership benefits for many years. As AGLCA members, you will have the choice to participate in either or both Facebook groups and/or the Discussion Forum. The decision to participate in the way that suits you best is yours.

As always, the Home Port Crew is here to assist.  We are happy to help you with this process.  Email us at [email protected] with your questions.