11 Apr 2023

New Great Loop Planning Guide

Just Launched!  AGLCA is offering a free “Great Loop Planning Guide” email series. The series incudes 10 steps for planning your Great Loop adventure and includes things you can do now to get started, even if your planned departure is still years away.

map of eastern U.S. with red line outlining the Great Loop route with association name surrounding the graphic.

The series covers things like Studying the Route, Education, Finding the Boat, Budgeting, Engaging with other Loopers, Preparing for Life Aboard and other steps to get you and your crew ready for the Great Loop. It also offers suggested timelines for each step and links to content for both AGLCA members and non-members to get in-depth details on each step.

Want to jump start your planning even more?  Have specific questions? Subscribers will also have the opportunity to schedule a personal Q&A session with AGLCA’s Director, Kim Russo.

Don’t delay your dream! If there’s a Great Loop trip in your future, now is the time to get started planning. Put the collective resources of AGLCA and our 5,000 members to use. 

Sign up today!

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