Why You Should Engage a Buyer's Broker

Benefits of using a buyer's broker

AGLCA recommends those planning to buy a boat for the Great Loop engage a buyer’s broker to represent them.  There are many benefits to having a buyer’s broker represent you.  Following are just a few.

  • A broker who deals with many Loopers often has insight into boats coming to market before they are listed.This can be a huge advantage in the current market where listings for Looping boats are scarce.
  • Brokers who represent lots of Loopers during the buying process often know which of their clients are finished the Loop and getting ready to sell their boat, which can be a huge advantage.
  • A buyer’s broker will travel (at his or her own expense) on your behalf to preview boats that interest you.This saves you time and money because you don’t have to travel yourself to view boats that might not end up being “the one”.
  • Buying the perfect Great Loop boat for you often involves compromising. A buyer’s broker can help you drill down to the features most important to you.They know what questions to ask to focus on what features should remain on your “must have” list and what boat makes/models include your must have features.
  • Buyer’s brokers have access to information on YachtWorld not available to the public.Therefore, they can give you additional insight into boats you find that interest you.
  • Buyer’s brokers will handle negotiations to ensure you get the best possible price based on the current market and comparable boats.
  • Buyer’s brokers will guide you through the process, including:
    • Finding the right boat
    • Negotiating the price
    • Organizing a team on your behalf to include surveys, financing, insurance, and documentation experts.They can even help you find captains to deliver your boat or provide you with training

AGLCA has several Yacht Brokers in our sponsor roster who can assist you with this process.  Just search the “Yachtbrokers and Boat Manufacturers" category in the Sponsor Directory.