Platinum Burgee

The 12" x 18" double swallow tail AGLCA burgee is the flag that binds America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association™ members. It's been called the welcome mat for Loopers and is proudly flown by our members whenever they are cruising. The Platinum Burgee is flown by any member who has completed the entire Great Loop route more than once.
Graphic of Platinum Burgee

The AGLCA Burgee was designed by Charter Member, Ed Huff, a graphics designer and marine artist who cruised America's Great Loop in 1999-2000 with his wife, Carol. Ed has designed a number of burgees for other nautical groups.

AGLCA's Burgee has a stylized map of Eastern North America with an outline highlighting the Great Loop route. The double swallow tail burgee is the flag that binds America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association™ members to the family of cruisers on their circumnavigational odyssey. Members best describe AGLCA Burgees as "the welcome mat for Loopers".

The White Burgee is our traditional AGLCA burgee and is available to all members. The Gold Burgee is the "Gold Standard" and is reserved for members who have completed the Great Loop Cruise. The Platinum Burgee has been specially designed to identify our most experienced Loopers, those who have accomplished multiple Loop completions!

Members who fly an AGLCA Burgee receive instant recognition from the boating community and other members. And, our veteran Loopers who display the Gold and Platinum Burgees as their credential of completion(s) are accorded the respect that goes with being someone who has done extensive cruising on America's Waterways.

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