3' x 5' Burgee for land-based flag pole

Show your AGLCA pride with a 3’ x 5’ flag! This flag, suitable for a flag pole at your dock, marina, or business, is a duplicate of the AGLCA burgee, but made from a lighter material so it flies easily in the breeze. As always, the white flag is for any AGLCA member, the gold is for those who have completed the entire route, and the platinum is for those who have completed the entire route more than once. We also offer these in our sponsor burgee colors so that these businesses can also show their support for AGLCA . Red is for Admiral-level sponsors, green is for Commanders, and blue is for Lieutenants. Each flag is special ordered and can take up to eight weeks for delivery. Price includes shipping to US and Canada only.
Six AGLCA Burgees of Various Colors

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