Great Loop Route Map (Mini Size)

A full color, matte laminated map showing rivers, locks and dams and ports. The Great Loop is shown as a colored transparent line. Looks great when framed. Size 12” by 14”.
Map of Great Loop Route
This smaller sized map (12" x 14") shows detail which is helpful when planning the cruise. Features include accurate placement of navigable rivers, locks and dams and major cities and ports of Eastern North America. The various routes of the cruise are lightly outlined in colors to represent the ideal time to be on each segment - green in spring on the East Coast, orange for summer in the Great Lakes and beige in the fall on the Inland Rivers and Florida's West Coast.  The map is produced in full color on 80# stock and matte-laminated.  A dry erase marker allows you to write on the map important dates, friends who will visit the boat and a time schedule for completing the Loop. Members often leave a copy behind for friends and family so they can follow their loved ones on their year-long voyage.

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