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When you are ready to explore more about the Great Loop and the Loop lifestyle, we'd suggest you dive into this content.  All of these platforms offer information about the Great Loop route as well as general boating information to get you up-to-speed on all things Great Loop.

The Great Loop Radio podcast releases a new episode each Friday at 10 am eastern time.  The podcast focuses on an aspect of preparing for, planning or cruising America's Great Loop. The show is part of AGLCA's commitment to providing Great Loop Information & Inspiration to everyone who dreams of taking the trip or is already in the thick of it.

Great Loop Link
The Great Loop Link newsletter is emailed every month to members and contains in-depth articles about places along the Great Loop route as well as general boating information.  It also contains information on AGLCA events and activities as well as news about people on the Loop.

AGLCA regularly holds webinars for its members and the boating community.  Some webinars are free for everyone, some are free for members only, and some carry a charge for everyone. The webinar library contains presentations about the route itself as well as general boating how-to topics, which are great for those just starting to plan their adventures.  As a planner, we'd particularly like to suggest the Safe Boating webinar series as a great place to start.  This series is free to members.

The members-only discussion forum is the place for information and inspiration about the Great Loop.  Members can ask questions about the Great Loop route, the Loop lifestyle or boating in general and fellow members respond by sharing their wisdom and experience, which is an invaluable resource for planners.  The Home Port Crew also keeps members updated on AGLCA events and activities. Members receive a daily email with posts from the previous day so they can stay in the know on all things Great Loop.