13 Mar 2023

Highlight on AGLCA Sponsors ~ Dockmate

Control your boat from anywhere aboard! Dockmate offers you the most advanced, affordable, and safest wireless remote-control system for your boat’s engines, thrusters, anchor, and horn.

Confidently and Safely Control your Boat from Anywhere Aboard!

Woman standing on boat coming in to dock with device in her hand

With Dockmate, you’ll easily navigate through crowded marinas, into tight slips, or through locks.

Our simple plug ‘n’ play installation and sea trial lets you customize the handheld remote control settings to your specific needs.

You’ll be up and running immediately so you can enjoy the benefits of having the “helm in your hand.” You can leave the helm station and have an up-close view of your surroundings from anywhere aboard.

Click here to learn more about this amazing technology & benefits, along with our show specials going on RIGHT NOW!