Advocacy Fund Contribution

Consider making a contribution to the Advocacy Fund so that we may continue to work to keep the waterways open and safe for Loopers!
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 AGLCA is part of a coalition of boating organizations that, in addition to AGLCA, includes DeFever Cruisers, Marine Trawlers Owners Association (MTOA) and Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA).  This coalition raises funds to engage on issues that could hinder boaters, particularly long-distance cruisers, from enjoying U.S. waterways like the waterways on the Great Loop.  AGLCA does not use dues money for these advocacy efforts so that’s why we reach out to members annually so you can choose whether you wish to support the initiatives and if so, choose how much you wish to contribute.  While the coalition does include other associations, AGLCA is tasked with raising the most funds due to the size of our association.  Please consider making a contribution to this year's campaign.

Contributions to the AGLCA Advocacy Fund are not tax deductible.