24 Oct 2022

Eddy's Weather WAG Returns

We are so excited that Eddy's Weather Wag is returning for another season! For those of you who are new here, Eddy Johnsen is a dedicated volunteer who provides our members with weather information to assist them in making their own go/no-go decision for crossing the Gulf of Mexico.

Eddy's Weather Wag is a special interest group on the GreatLoop.org website.  If you joined Eddy's group on the previous version of the site, you are still in the group on the new site.  However, you will need to subscribe to the thread in which Eddy is posting in order to receive a daily email when Eddy posts.

To join Eddy's Weather Wag group:
Visit www.greatloop.org and log in as a member
Go to Interact --> Special Interest Groups
Find Eddy's Weather Wag and hit the red "Join Group" button
Tap or click the "Eddy's Weather Wag" title to enter the group
READ THE OVERVIEW so that you understand Eddy's process and to whom his information is geared

To subscribe to receive an email each time Eddy posts:
Click or tap the Discussions Tab
Open the Daily Weather Wag thread by tapping or clicking it
Hit the "Subscribe to this Thread" link

That's all there is to it!  Each time Eddy posts, he'll add a reply to this thread and it will be dated so whether you receive the notice by email or browse to the group to read it, you'll have the most current post at your finger tips.

Please do not reply to the Weather Wag posts!  Doing so sends an immediate email to all subscribers.  Only Eddy should post in the Weather Wag. 

Many thanks to Eddy for providing this valuable assistance to his fellow Loopers!