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RoundAbout with Heather & Mack

Update on First Cruise
By Heather McIntosh
Posted on 4/14/2019 3:30 AM
Sitting in my living room at home in Portland. Its 2:30am Sunday morning. Can't sleep. Thoughts of cruising are on my mind. RoundAbout is unwrapped and almost ready to go on her first cruise of the year. Mack was checking the engine and found a cut in the thermostat hose, so had to order another one. Just come in the mail yesterday. YAAAAA. Got two Drs appointments this week, GI on Monday and eye dr on Thursday. So, it is looking like its not going to be until the following week until we get underway down to Chattanooga for our first multi-day cruise. 

My husband is skeptical that we will be able to do the loop without sending a lot of money on gas. The trip to Chattanooga should give us an idea of how many gallons we will burn at what ever the sweet spot is for our boat.

I also want to practice driving and parking her. Mack has been doing it all. He can't have all the fun. We haven't had RoundAbout out that much since we bought her 2 years ago, so we both need the practice.

I am excited to got out on the water and meet everyone out there. What I really want to do is head up to my old stomping grounds on Lake Champlain (used to sail there as a kid) and do the Northern Loop, also Erie Canal (raised in Syracuse NY (original Erie canal used to pass thru there). I REALLY got excited when the Newest Looper book came out this year . Snagged that up and inhaled all 140 days of it. I working to live out my dream. See you"all on the water.

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