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Desiderata - Lee & Cynthia Wheelehan

Baltimore to New York City
By Leander M Wheelehan
Posted on 7/17/2019 6:41 PM

7/12 We left Baltimore early in the morning heading for Havre De Grace.  A nice calm trip, but it took longer than expected as we ran against the tide most of the way.  We saw some beautiful classic boats on the way up the bay.  Chip – These are for you:

7/13 Left Havre De Grace headed for Delaware City.  Another smooth trip.  The C&D canal is a very pleasant cruise. Docking was a challenge; the marina is on a very narrow, very shallow canal, with a 3 knot current.  Delaware City is a nice little town.  There are good restaurants, grocery store, liquor store, all the necessities.   

Bridges over C&D canal


7/14 Heading for Cape May. It’s supposed to get rough in Delaware Bay later in the day, so we decided to run at speed and get there quick  Made it to Cape May in 4 hours at 16 knots.  Burned 79 gallons of fuel. If we had made the trip at 8 knots we would have burned about 39 gal so running fast cost about 40 gal of fuel.  South Jersey Marina is a very nice facility, but boy is it tight!  I had about 10 ft between the pilings of our slip and the multi million sport fisherman docked across the way.  Fortunately I didn’t hit either one
                                                Railroad swing bridge on the Cape May Canal

7/15 Heading for Atlantic City.  Decided to run outside as the weather looks good and we won’t have to deal with the shallows of the inside route.  Nice calm trip.

                                                                           Atlantic City



7/16 Next stop – Manasquan Inlet.  Ran on the outside once more and had a nice calm trip.  The Great Loop cruising guide said it was 67 miles, but we only logged 55.


7/17 Going to New York City.  A great smooth trip.  Other than the one day going to Tilghman Island we have had good weather every day.  Got to New York about 1130, so we tooled around the harbor and took pictures before docking at Liberty Landing Marina.  Unfortunately, it was hazy so they were not the greatest clarity.




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