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Sea Wolf

Day 53 to 56, Sunday - Wed 17OCT18
By Paul S Benoit
Posted on 10/26/2018 5:09 PM
Sunday, a local sailor saw my Canadian Flag and stopped in to chat. His son married an Alberta girl and he hopes they settle in Canada... He noted that the winds are more what is expected in November - be patient, waves can approach 20'... 
Could have left on balmy Sunday but we were sort of wave-shocked. We toured the waterfront by dinghy and picked up supper at a subway near a local dock. 
We Ubered around the City for supplies and entertainment. Coincidence, our first Uber ride was the first fare for a young former marine. We also walked a lot for 4 days. Checked the breakwater every morning. Toque and winter coat days. 
Winter Harbor