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Branch Office - Mike & Linda Gilbert

WEEK 30 - Leaving Florida headed to Georgia
By Mike & Linda Gilbert
Posted on 4/17/2019 5:46 PM

Week 30
à Leaving Florida headed to Georgia

April 8st  – April 14th

Enjoyed our time in Jacksonville, stayed at Palm Cove Marina.

On Sunday there was a Blues Fest at the beach so we made a day out of blues fest, beach time and checking out a local pub.

Jax Beach, really nice great waves to body surf - which Mike did do!

OK - now do not laugh too much, but a Seagull pooped on my head when I took this picture, OH YUCK!!

Here we are at the local pub having a cocktail

The marina has a very nice fine dining restaurant called Marker 32 it certainly did deliver on great food and service, highly recommend it!  Reservations are a must, we had to make them 3 days in advance to get dinner at a reasonable hour rather than eating at 10:00.  We were lucky enough to catch a rainbow during dinner and yet another beautiful Florida sunset!


NASA launched the SpaceX Falcon Heavy and we anticipating catching a glimpse of it.  It was delayed a couple of times and we were hoping it would have been launched at nightfall, but the delay and the final “go ahead” was at 6:00pm, so it was extremely difficult to see.  I did however try to video it on my phone,  I really did not see a single thing as I held my phone up to the sky; but later when I reviewed the video, I GOT IT not a good video, but none the less I have it documented. 

Our next stop, Cumberland Island, where we will anchor out and our boating friends who have dinghies were kind enough to taxi us onto the Island.  Had a wonderful day hiking around seeing what this Island had to offer.  Seen Feral Horses they were once domesticated but have reverted to a wild state and adjusted to surviving in a natural environment without help or support from humans.  We were also luckily enough to see an Armadillo, not luckily to see a snake and along the beach lots of sea life. 

The sightings during our hike…

Dungeness Ruins are the remains of a mansion built by Thomas Carnegie brother and partner of steel tycoon Andrew.  This is hugh imagine living there back in the 1880's!

Here we are hiking to the beach

Beautiful Beach went on for miles

Beached jelly fish

Empty Crab shell

Beautiful Oat Trees all over this island

Sunset that evening

On Sunday we left the Cumberland Island anchorage area and were supposed to head to another anchorage; however due to the weather forecast of gusty winds, including tornado watches, we decided to take shelter in a Marina.  We ended up going to Morning Star Marina on St. Simons Island and were extremely happy to be tied to a dock that evening as the wind gust were up around 35 to 40 MPH.  Thank goodness we did not see any tornado’s, although we were in the watch areas for about 4 hours.   The next morning was fine as  the wind had died down and a we got a surprise from the Marina - 2 muffins and a newspaper were delivered to our boat!  Apparently they do that every day for the transient boaters,  nice touch! 

Stormy Sky - high winds,  whew....  no tornados

Stay tuned to next week's blog  as we travel from Georgia into South Carolina!


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