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Branch Office - Mike & Linda Gilbert

Week 38 - Hudson, Erie Canal, Oneida Lake
By Mike & Linda Gilbert
Posted on 6/15/2019 2:00 PM

Week 38à  Hudson, Mohawk River, Erie Canal, Oneida Lake

June 3 – June 9th

Sunday June 2nd

Today we arrived at Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, NY on the Hudson River.  The cruise started out sunny but as we got closer it started to get cloudy and we arrived minutes before it down poured, but even in the rain, the Marina staff met us at the slip and help us get all set – great service!   This is the marina owned by Brian Donovan – who we met in St. Augustine in Florida, he invited all of the Loopers to his Marina for the “Pig Roast”.   We enjoyed our stay at this Marina, they have and ship store, curiosity car, swimming pool and a great on-sight restaurant – where we met with Brian and as promised he poured and shared “little beers” with us, thanks Brian!   We didn’t end up staying for the pig roast, just anxious to get home since we are so close now, and also helping Mo Whiskey get to Canada before their visa expires.

A little hitchhiker on our way to Shady Harbor

Cocktails at Boathouse Grille

Brian pouring the "little beers"

Wednesday June 5th through Saturday June 8th

On Wednesday the plan is to cruise as far as we can get before the locks close.  We ended up in Scotia NY on the free lock wall after going through 8 locks; nice spot for the evening.     On Thursday, we continued our cruise on New York State Canal System which includes the Mohawk River, arriving in Little Falls at Lock 17 around 6:00 Canal Harbor & Rotary Park Marina.   John and Theresa welcomed us to the Marina where they were waiting for us to finish the lock so we could go to dinner with them.  Mike, however, has been complaining of a tooth ache, so he ended up taking his entire meal back to the boat, wasn’t able to eat that evening.

Sights along the cruise

 Our Capital Albany

Turn left  on Erie Canal!!

Mohawk Harbor Marina - Rivers Casino

Cliff after the lock - Little Falls right around the corner.

Little Falls - Canal Harbor & Rotary Park Marina

The next morning (Friday) Mike was in a lot of pain with his tooth so the plan for today is find a dentist.  Luckily our friend John only lives about 10 minutes away and he drove us to dentist in Herkimer. Then Mike ended up being referred to an Endodonic Office in Utica, so once again, John drove us there, Thanks John!   Long story short, Mike has a cracked tooth, needs antibiotics and needs to make another dentist appointment with our hometown dentist for next week– thank goodness we are so close to home.   

On Saturday we left Little Falls headed to Oneida Lake and pulled into Winter Harbor Marina in the afternoon.  Brad brought our car over to the Marina and then we all drove to Borio’s Restaurant for dinner – it is so GREAT seeing our family again!  Livia spent the night on the boat with us – so much fun, missed her so much!  The next day Brad invited us along with Karen and Bob from MoWhisky to a barbecue at his house, so we all  enjoyed great company, food and pool time with the friends and family.  

Morning we left Little Falls.

Welcome to Rome - getting close to Oneida Lake

Nice day to cross Oneida Lake

Enjoying the Oneida Lake Sunset with Livia!

We decided to leave our boat in Brewerton for a little while between dentist appointments and waiting for the water at our home Marina in the St. Lawrence River to drop some.  Mo Whisky had to keep moving and we are happy to report that they made it to Kingston Ontario on Thursday, in time before their visa expired!


 Of course we are taking advantage of having the boat at Oneida Lake - "Fresh Water"  and started working on giving it a deep cleaning, need to get rid of the salt water!

Branch Office before cleaning

After cleaning! much better

Stay tuned to our last week 39, as we complete this great loop cruise and cross our wake, so exciting!

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