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Branch Office - Mike & Linda Gilbert

WEEK 22 - Stock Island - Key West
By Mike & Linda Gilbert
Posted on 2/18/2019 5:46 PM

Week 22 -  Stock Island - Key West

February 11th – February 17th  

Monday February 11th

Today we went into Key West to do a little shopping and sightseeing.  It’s a beautiful sunny day to check out more of Key West! 

 These roosters run free all around Key West, this one was visiting our lunch table. 

Holland America Line Cruise Ship at Margaritaville Marina in Key West.


Maggie and Steve (Peggy’and Chuck's daughter and son-in-law) treated us to a cookout at the Tiki grill hut at the Marina, it was their “thank you” to us for taking them on out on our boat to Sanibel island when we were in Fort Myers.  Thank you Maggie and Steve, the cookout was great!


Tuesday 12th – Sunday 17th

Spent the rest of the week relaxing and just enjoying our surroundings.  Hung out at the pool, went for a dingy ride to a sand bar, went bike riding.  Such a nice way to spend February. 

One of many sunsets

Lunch Spot

Took a dingy out to sand bar for the afternoon and the 6 couples on this pontoon boat are all from Syracuse and they live on Cherry Island in Abay in the summer,  they know everyone we know!  Small world!

 The water was a balmy 76 degrees!

Mike's view from his beach lounge chair!

Even the dogs wear sun glasses in Key West!

Another beautiful Key West Sun Set!

Really enjoying our time in Key West - it is the most southern location of our journey.  Unless we go to Cuba!!  Hum, no thanks.     It certainly is hot here,  we seem to be breaking records where ever we go, like 5 inches of rain in Fort Myers, a new record,  today a record high of 86 degrees in Key West and the low tonight will only be 74 a new record high/low for today,  no, no I am not complaining.  .   Total miles traveled to date is 3450!

Hope you are all enjoying the blog as much as we are enjoying this trip! 

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