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Time to Breathe

"Time To Breathe" crosses her Wake!
By Don Fisher
Posted on 8/27/2019 6:03 PM
Our last month on this trip is both exciting and sad. We are excited about actually completing the entire yearlong journey around the the eastern United States, but sad to be ending this magnificent voyage. We continued our trek across the Erie Canal stopping in Brockport,NY Medina, NY and Towawanda, NY. The little canal towns are so full of history and wonderful people. We met and travelled with other Loopers. After the Erie Canal, we headed south on the Niagara River where we stopped at the Erie Yacht Club in Erie ,Pa. We are now beginning to see the effects of the high water levels on the Great Lakes this summer! When I stopped to refuel, the gas pumps were surrounded by sandbags and the attendant was standing in his bare feet with water over his ankles. There were no cleats above water to tie off to. We got a floating dock for the night but couldn't get to shore! After Erie, we stopped in Geneva -on - the- Lake for a few days. We were so excited to start meeting up with family and friends as we headed west on Lake Erie. We got to spend the day with old friends (Bill and Paula Kunkel) (Bruce and Rae Bajec) and cousins (Kathy and Ron Wilttout). Next, we headed over to Cleveland and docked behind th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! where we saw (Bruce and Rae) again, Nancy Gervinski, The Mike Wardzala Clan, Bob and Deb Beck, Brian and Luann Byers, and Grant and Linda Rider! Of course we had to make a quick stop on Pelee Island in Canada to replenish our wine cabinet! AND THEN- on 8/20 we pulled back into Baypoint Marina in Marblehead, Ohio where this trip began! On Saturday (8/24) we had a great celebration as we changed our Burgee to Gold! 34 family, friends, fellow gold loopers, and dock mates from Baypoint joined us! This has been the dream of a lifetime! We always tell others -"If you dream it, make it happen!" 

Our good friend and fellow Gold Looper (Joe Tignor from "Band Wagon 3") gave the looper toast-

The are good ships and wood ships and ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships and may they always be!

As we continue with a bit smaller excursions, we will continue this blog. Currently we are working on the plans for our next adventure!
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