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Leamington, The Tomato Capital of Canada
By Randy Jorgensen
Posted on 6/12/2018 4:32 AM
Leamington is known as the Tomato Capital of Canada
In 1908 the H. J. Heinz company came to Leamington where they manufactured Heinz Ketchup until the plant closed in 2014. It has been reopened by Highbury CanCo
 For all of you Stompin Tom fans, I have included a video of The Ketchup Song. Many of you have heard Randy sing this many times :)

It is so great to be back on board Persistence and chatting with you all again. However, it is with great sadness to know that our dear friend and Randy's partner for 30 years passed away suddenly on June 5th. Doug Rankine, you are cruising with us in spirit and there will never be a better "Juan, the boat boy"

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