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"Rejoice" Epic Adventure

By Rick Crossland
Posted on 4/13/2018 5:00 PM

Savannah is well worth a visit.  The entire city is organized around city squares of greenery and statues about the history of the city.  It's very easy to walk and navigate around.  Bubba was kind enough to give us a ride to town and dropped us off at Parker's Market which is centrally located.   We decided to walk around the city center and do our own walking tour.  We purchased a walking tour book at Parker's Market that we would highly recommend and started on our own self guided tour.  It was the perfect choice for us.  After we had spent several hours walking around town we decided it was the perfect opportunity to use Uber for our very first time to go to Pearl's Saltwater Grill.  They serve true low country cuisine.  Rick had a low country boil dinner.  We took Uber back to the Rejoice at Hogan's Marina. Walking back to the boat I caught my foot in a cleat on the dock.  I did a stop, drop and roll on the dock and hit the dock hard on my left side.  Apparently it was a 5 star klutzy move....not something I would usually do.  My purse went right into the water but my hero Rick grabbed me and pulled me up, over and out of the creek water.  My pride was tested to fall 2 times in 2 days.  We will be using a flashlight on the dock from now on.

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