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Meraki On The Move

Leg One - DONE!
By Allie Cantonis
Posted on 3/1/2018 3:37 PM

          Yesterday we made the trip across Lake O and docked for the night in Indiantown.  It’s at least a mile to the nearest anything, so we made tuna fish for lunch and grilled steaks for dinner and spent the afternoon (our last in fresh water for several months) cleaning the boat.  The "marina" was a pure liveaboard facility with some real characters.  I somehow felt like I had been put into a John MacDonald novel and expected to see the Busted Flush at the end of the dock.

       Lake Okeechobee is Seminole for “Big Water”, and it is, indeed, being the second largest freshwater lake contained entirely in the contiguous US.  It is exceptionally shallow for a lake of its size, with an average depth of only 9 feet.  As a consequence, you have to diligently watch the navigational markers and make sure you do not veer out of the channel.  We completed our 4th lock of the crossing and began to feel like “old hats” at locking through.

After an uneventful night, we were planning to spend a night at a reciprocal yacht club in Palm City, but after checking the winds and weather for tomorrow decided to come straight into Stuart, where Meraki will reside for the next 12 days while we take a trip back to Belleair for Jim to work at work and for me to work at the Valspar golf tournament.  Luckily, we had previously planned to stay on-sight at Innisbrook, so being homeless is not that big a deal on this trip back to the west coast.
first leg of our almost 6500 mile journey comes to an end.  We have travelled 529.04 miles and spent 50.38 hours underway.  We have been “on” the water 12 days out of 20.  We have completed almost 10% of the Great Loop.

        Rejoin us on March 12 as we go for the second leg – Stuart to Norfolk.

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