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Meraki On The Move

Some New Scenery
By Allie Cantonis
Posted on 2/26/2018 6:17 PM

Fueled up and pumped out we were ready for some new adventures.  Heretofore, we have been in familiar waters, at least to one of us.  Today, we ventured into the unknown, albeit not very far.  It’s only about 15 nautical miles from Sanibel to Ft. Myers, but one section is aptly nicknamed “the miserable mile” .  This is because it is a slow wake zone and you would swear that a hurricane evacuation had been called for with all the boats lined up like there was a parade.  And on a Monday!  We journeyed onward and pretty soon the bridges of Ft. Myers came into view.  We had booked a slip at the Ft. Myers Yacht Basin, conveniently located within walking distance of downtown, so after checking in, we walked around town to see the “sites”.

          In this vicinity, Caloosa Indian villages were located in ancient times. During the Seminole War of 1841-1842, a fort was established and name for Lieutenant John Harvie.  The fort was re-established in 1850 during the second Seminole War and named Fort Myers, honoring Lieutenant Abraham C. Myers, a 1833 graduate of West Point who had distinguished himself during the Seminole Wars and the Mexican-American War.  The second Seminole War ended in 1858.  During the War Between the States, Fort Myers was once more re-activated as a base to round up wild cattle to supply beef to Federal gunboats patrolling the Gulf off Sanibel.

          As of today, Jim and I have traveled 412.19 miles spending 37.38 hours on the water . . . and we are both still alive to tell the tale!  We have been "on the water" 9 days out of 17 away.  Tomorrow – our first lock!

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