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Rhonda's Blog for ORION's Adventure

Our first week
By Rhonda K Whelan
Posted on 8/25/2017 9:25 AM
Blue skies, calm seas, 5-10 knots SW. Topped off the diesel in Au Gres, filled up on water, pumped out the waste tank. Freezer is full of venison and walleye. This was August 1,2017 at 7am. Our loyal goldens enjoyed the ride all the way across Lake Huron on a beautiful sunny day, to Tobermory. 
Once through Canadian customs, we too Logan and Timber for their walk, and soon discovered they were celebrities!  Every few steps someone would ask to pet the dogs, hug the dogs, take pictures of the dogs, or take selfies with the dogs! Tobermory was a nice stop, many nice people from all over the world. 
8/2/17. Coffee, leisurely breakfast, dog walking.... then topped off the fuel (expensive at $4.72 Canadian per gallon). We cruised slowly by "Flowerpot Island" and watched kids crazily jumping off the rocks into 64 degree F water! Our destination was supposed to be Killarney for the FAMOUS fish and chips, but it was not meant to be. We got our first lesson in leaving early in the morning in order to snag a slip at your next destination, no room for us anywhere in Killarney. So we pulled up to the Pittsfield General store dock, purchased some ice and snacks to justify tying up, and took the dogs off to a grassy spot. Overcast, drizzling rain, no place to stay.... let's continue on and find a place to anchor!
We continued on to Baie Fine (pronounced Bay Fin!), peeking into all the ancorsges listed on active captain. Snug harbor was full, Mary Ann's Cove was full... but across the way there was a nice spot not on the chart. We anchored close to shore and tied a stern line to a tree. Dave used my paddleboard to get the rope to shore, then got the dingy down and took the dogs for their first ride. They took right to it. They really enjoyed running up and down the steep hill, but had a hard time getting back into the boat, so the dingy was their transport. Baie Fine is really beautiful, and secluded feeling, very quiet night on the hook.
8/3/17. Omelettes for breakfast, then off to find The Pool! It was a little tricky getting in the narrow entrance, watching for rocks, but we soon found a nice spot to anchor. We all 4 got in our little 10 foot dingy and took the short ride to the dock at the trailhead for Topaz Lake. The walk was uphill, on many rocks(like it was an old riverbed or washout), and difficult for me, but we all made it to the lake where the dogs enjoyed the cold, clear water. We decided to stay the night at the Pool, and spent the rest of the day reading and napping in the sunshine on the bow of the boat , and napping with Timber. Blue skies, wispy clouds, light breeze. No phone service, and I don't care!
The dogs have gotten quite used to getting in and out of the dingy, and really seem to enjoy the ride.
8/4/17. Big thunderstorm at the Pool last night, but anchor held and all was fine. On the way back down Baie Fine we listened to Roy on channel 71 out of Little Current. Someone mentioned a trawler in distress near Baie Fine. When we got near the end of Baie Fine, there he was! A40+ foot trawler up on the rocks, completely out of the water. Our stomachs turned when we imagined the feeling they must have had when they hit. The coast guard was assisting them already,and said they didn't need any further help. We called in to Roys radio show to update folks on the trawlers predicament.
 We arrived in Little Current to finally meet up with some fellow loopers, and were excited to see another 490 Meridian , Grayling, parked next to us, as well as a 4788 Baliner, Amazed, not far away. We encountered extremely high winds that night, so we stayed in Little Current until Sunday (the Current was not so little!)
8/7/17. We tried to stay at Logans Bay on clapperton island, but ended up going to the Benji's instead. More about the Benjamin islands next post, Beautiful!

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