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Looping in a State of Bliss

September 14 to Charlevoix
By James Makarauskas
Posted on 9/14/2018 11:36 PM
The weather report remained positive and by 7:00 the waters were calm. Andrea is still not feeling well but we still got underway by 7:45 and met First Forty as we approached the bridge. The waves didn’t develop until we were well on our way to Grays Reef. They reached 1-2 feet and actually faded by the time we got close to Charlevoix. In order to time the bridge opening we eased up on the throttle and actually idled just outside the channel for a few minutes. The harbor master put the three of us in consecutive slips. Andrea did some shopping and we both napped. The Bristows and Campbells treated us to a very good meal at Terry’s. It going to be hard to say goodbye when we part ways. Just 24 miles to Northport tomorrow.
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