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Looping in a State of Bliss

December 1 to Carrabelle
By James Makarauskas
Posted on 12/5/2017 8:28 PM
We started the day with a walk around town to see what else was there. The Tin Shed was a highlight, as it was a massive collection of nautical salvage, gifts, and decor. One positive consequence of living on a boat is the lack of extra space means you can't shop too much--nowhere to put the new treasures! Not enough time in this quaint, friendly town, but we fully embraced the phrase "The world is your oyster" both in what we ate and how we live our life! 
We pulled away from the dock at 11:45 and headed for Carabelle. This is where we need to make the big decision--do we cross the Gulf of Mexico in one night over open water, or take the Big Bend route over several days. The weather reports and looper info was showing a good window for crossing, but also a significant change in weather coming soon. We know many people before us have waited days, even weeks for that perfect weather window before they head out into the darkness to get to Tarpon Springs. We arrived in Carrabelle at about 3:30 where we were greeted by fellow loopers making the same big decision. We topped off our fuel, met for drinks on the big porch at C-Quarters Marina, and discussed our options. All signs pointed to an overnight crossing, and Saturday to Sunday was the night. That meant we had tonight and tomorrow morning to make any last minute preparations--food, checking the fluid levels and engine maintenance, as well as making reservations for when we arrive after the crossing. We walked down the road to "Fathoms" a local bar and restaurant for more seafood, beer, and live music. The skies were clear, the moon was bright, and we were anxiously anticipating the big trip across the Gulf tomorrow . . .
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