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Looping in a State of Bliss

November 30 to Apalachicola
By James Makarauskas
Posted on 12/5/2017 8:18 PM
We were anticipating about 60 miles today, so left a little later, just after 7:00. Along the way we crossed back into Eastern Standard Time, so clocks were adjusting throughout the day. Another easy day of cruising and scenic, just like the rivers. Apalachicola was basically a series of marinas with minimal docking space, and just off the channel. We tied up around 4:00 Eastern Time/3:00 Central Time, so lost an hour of sightseeing. What a great town! After many recommendations that Apalachicola was THE oyster town, we met Craig and Sherry at Boss Oyster. This place prepares oysters 17 different ways, and they were magnificent! We bellied up to the bar, ordered drinks and plate, after plate, after plate of fresh oysters. We were absolutely stuffed by the time we wandered back to the boat. Since our last leg to Carrabelle was a short one, we agreed to leave midday so we could check out the local shops and sights before moving on. 
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