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Braveheart Florida Loop

#7 - May 18/Day 4
Posted on 6/5/2017 1:32 PM
Fresh coffee with bacon and eggs, and now we are ready to set out for Naples FL, about a 45-50 nautical mile trip.  The first half of tis leg on the trip is on the ICW and goes past many millon(s) dollar homes an extensive commercial shrimp boat area in Estero Beach.
Estero shrimp boat

Estero Beach multi shrimp boatsWe also passed a big Coast Guard dredger, the Vice.  The entire canal was blocked but once we hailed the captain he indicated we could pass to his stern and continue the trip.  Although this route is very scenic, there was a "NO WAKE" zone for over an hour of travel which made us a little anxious. 

We were headed to open water about two miles offshore and we were trying to stay ahead of a weather system.  All our weather apps indicate we are good to go and as it turns out our timing was good and we went through Gordon Pass about 2:00 pm.  A word of caution about Gordon Pass: it the winds and tides do not cooperate, getting through this Pass can be quite harrowing.  We were not contending with a big wind issue, but we could definitely feel the tug of the outgoing tide.  Those little Honda 90's were working their best to push us through.

Naples Y.C.   N Y C Pool   Hidiing under walkway
Naples Y.C.                                                  Pool area                         Jody hiding under walkway

We arrived dockside at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club and with the help of Amanda, the Dock master, we tied up securely and prepared to spend the night with our son and his wife.  What a beautiful club!  We had dinner at Dockside Restaurant with fresh grouper, a vodka lemonade and fun family conversation.  Our beautiful daughter-in-law is from France and has been in the States for four years now, but our language differences can create conversations that often get off to a different translation which creates lots of laughter.  ("I know you think you understand what I thought I said.")

Tomorrow we are headed to the Naples Yacht Club, directly across the river.  Planning another great family evening.  See you tomorrow.
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