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Tall Timbers, Beardstown
By Tom Haak
Posted on 9/12/2018 4:41 PM
We arrived at Tall Timbers marina on Sunday Sept. 9th in Havana IL.  What a cute marina.  The owner put a lot of time, energy and money into the place.  Oktoberfest was going on in town so we took a walk over to the park to check it out.                                                                                                                      Tall Timbers Marina                                                 Park in Havana

                 Marina                                                                    Area around the marina

We only stayed one night and left for our next stop (Beardstown, Ill) Monday September 10th.  It was a short hop to Beardstown, 28 nautical miles for a total time of 3 hours.  It still cracks me up that we're cruising for hours to get to a destination that could have been reached in minutes by car.   such silliness.

So, here we are in Beardstown....nothing but the best for us.  HA....the accomodations for the night were to tie up to a barge.  Now that was different.

             Tied to a barge                                                         The two boats we're travelling with had to raft.

  Staircase from the barge to the town                                 Eric, proprietor of Angels Bar

We did some touring around town.  This is the part of the trip that I really enjoy.  You never know what you're going to find.  We happened upon a bar that serves the "best ribs" for miles around.  We thought we should be the judge of that so we tried them.  I had the half rack Tom had the full rack.  Indeed they were very good.

        Lincoln and the Almanac Trial                                  Replica of court room - Almanac Trial

We happened upon a city museum that had a portion dedicated to Lincoln and a murder case he tried.  The case was called the Almanac murder trial.  He was able to get his client off by producing an 1857 almanac to prove there was no moonlight at the time and that the witness could not have seen that far in the dark.   Pretty interesting.  We also spied some other interesting sites in town.

          Old gas station                                                      Gas price .35 cents per gallon

We were at Beardstown for an overnight and due to leave the next morning September 11th.  

We were scheduled to leave at 6:30am.  It was a foggy morning, but we figured it would soon burn off once the sun was up. The first boat took off.  Russ and Kerry were going to take off next....Russ questioned that we should wait before leaving to let the fog dissipate.  Tom's response was "well if you don't leave, we'll go next"  at that Russ and Kerry took off.  Well, Russ was right.  The fog didn't get better, it got much worse.  The boat that left first radioed, "don't leave if you're still at the dock" the fog is thick.  Unfortunately we didn't get that radio transmission in time.  The first boat proceeded on, the captain is a retired pilot so he was used to travbelling in conditions such as these.  Russ and Kerry pulled off to the side and drifted.  Tom and I turned around and went back to the barge.  The fog finally lifted around 9:30am.  Thankfully all made it to the next port without incident due to the fog.

  This is what it looked like when leaving                          This is what it looked like as time went on.  YIKES!

I probably mentioned this before but the Illinois river is really dirty with a lot of junk.

   Junk in river                                                                sometimes there are huge trees floating by

                                                                Dirty Illinois River water

We arrived in Grafton IL around was a long day.  We travelled 79 miles. We'll be staying here until Sat.





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