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Leaving Sturgeon Bay to continue the journey
By Tom Haak
Posted on 8/15/2018 9:25 PM
e left Sturgeon Bay for Manitowoc on Tuesday August 7th.  Lake Michigan was quite choppy.  we did a lot of rockin and rollin.  We did have an incident as a result of the unstable conditions.  One of the cabinet doors ( in the salon) opened.  Unfortunately there were two glass dishes in the cabinet.  They came out, along with some pots and covers, and shattered in the salon and down the stairs into the aft stateroom.  I learned a lesson that day.  Get rid of the glass on board.  

We were only in Manitowoc for one day.  We hit a farmers market and stopped for a beer in a local establishment.  This place was great.  They had $2 domestic beers and their food menu was unheard of.  A Burger plus fries was $3.50.  Wish we could find places like this more often.  The next day was off to Sheboygan.

On Wednesday August 8th,  we got an early start for Sheboygan.  Lake Michigan was calm compared to the day before.  it was quite an enjoyable ride.  We pulled into the marina around 11am. 

Entry marker with resort in the background                Chimney Sweep

My sister, mother and aunt were coming from Fond du Lac for a visit.  I was looking forward to my mom and aunt viewing the boat.  My sister has been on the boat many times.  The visit was very enjoyable.  

Aunt Beatie on the sundeck                                           Mom, sister Judy and Aunt Beatie

We were planning on leaving Sheboygan on Friday for our next port.  We contacted the port to schedule dockage.  We learned that there was a sailboat race over the weekend and that there would be no room for us until Sunday. That gave us extra days in Sheboygan.  On Saturday we went to the farmers market.  Later in the day we had docktails with some fellow loopers. 

Farmers' Market                                                          Patty & Mike(Parrot Bay) Kerry & Russ (Long Story)

I'm not sure most of you know, but part of our journey is to find a place that we really like where we might want to make our home someday. I could see living in Sheboygan for the summer months and somewhere else during the winter months.  So far, Sheboygan is my favorite marina.   Tom's favorite is Sturgeon Bay.

We left Sheboygan on 8/12/28 for Port Washington. 

The marina in Port Washington was ok.  We were near the laundry, showers and bathroom....that's a good thing.  We walked the downtown area.  Because it was Sunday, many shops weren't open.  Tom got seperated from us and ended up touring a light house.  (I can't believe he would have done that without me)  He claims he couldn't find me. 

  Lighthouse from 1860                                                 View of marina from the lighthouse 

  We stopped for lunch   with Russ and Kerry.

We only stayed one night in Port Washinton and headed for Milwaukee on Monday 8/13/18.  We stayed at the South Shore Yacht Club.
  South Shore Yacht Club                                            Long Story and Destination??

Fortunately we were able to dock on the outside wall.  The slips in this marina were pretty narrow.  The marina is located in the town of Bay View.  I went for a walk to check out the town.  Found some interesting sites along the way.  One neighborhood yard paid tribute to veterans of the Vietnam war.  As I continued my walk, I came across a corner market G. Groppi Market.  It was established in 1913 and has had many additions through the years.  Entering the store was a step back in time.  It was great!!!  I love finding these treasures.
 Neighborhood memorial                                      Old Corner market....loved it!!!

Also, while in Milwaukee, we were able to meet up with some family members.  Tom's sister in-law Patti and his nieces (per Tom: three of the four spinsters) Danielle, Carmen and Corrie came for a visit.  Lots of laughter followed.  It was good to see them.  

   Danielle and Patti                                                     Corrie and Carmen

We only stayed one night in Milwaukee.  We left Tuesday 8/14/18 for Racine.  We'll be staying four nights in Racine.

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