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Gulf Port AL
By Tom Haak
Posted on 12/21/2018 9:22 AM
We arrived in Gulf Shores AL on Thursday December 6th.  We were going to sit in the Homeport marina until Sunday December 9th because some bad weather was coming in. 

     On site at the marina is Lulu's Restaurant                     Homeport Marina

When we arrived at the marina, we met some boaters who we knew from Green Turtle Bay in KY.  They're spending winter months in this marina.  It was great to know someone there and spend some time with them.  We had lunch at Lulu's.  Billy Clause was going to be there along with Lulu, who is Jimmy Buffet's sister. 

Bob and Vickie from Green Turtle Bay                           Billy Claus is coming to town

 Billy Claus and Lulu Buffet                                               The kids were having a good time

Upon arrival Tom did his usual checks in the engine compartment.  Unfortunately he found a leaky seal on the starboard prop shaft.  Fortunately, there is a boat yard right next to the marina.  One of the mechanics came over to take a look at the seal.  Indeed it was a problem.  It needed to be removed and either be replaced or repaired.  They didn't have the parts in stock so they had to be ordered.  We moved the boat from Homeport over to the boat yard to wait for the parts to come in and the repair. 

   Boatyard                                                          there was a nearby airport where planes were doing touch & go's over the marina

Well, the parts were ordered regular UPS ground on Friday, but because of the holiday, it wasn't scheduled to come in until Friday the 14th. So, we had plenty of time to do some investigation of the area.  Because we didn't have a car we walked.  There was a publix food store about a mile from the marina in one direction and the beach and other stores in the opposite direction.  we did a lot of walking during that week.  It was great!   

Coming back (over he bridge) from a Walmart run         view from the top of the bridge

Tom on the beach                                                        The beach was deserted.  Not a lot open this time of year.

  I love this chair...makes me feel little                       Hotels on the beach
The part came in and we were pulled out on Monday the 17th.  We stayed on the hard overnight Monday.  The repair was completed on Tuesday and the boat was put back in the water. 

Boat pulled from the water                                       We were on the hard overnight

Because of rain coming in, we didn't leave Wednesday or Thursday.  We went out to dinner with Bob and Vickie.  We went to a place called Tacky Jacks.

 Bob & Vickie                                                               Tacky Jacks...the place is filled with post it notes.

We got up Friday morning December 21st (Happy Birthday Judy).  There was no sign of rain in the forecast.  Yeah...we can finally leave and hopefully get to warmer weather.  It's 48 degrees here this morning.  Well, it was so windy that we couldn't get off the dock.  We tried a couple of options, but the boat wasn't having any of it.  It just couldn't move because the wind kept us against the dock.  So, here we sit another day.  I get the feelin we're never going to be able to leave.   

Finally on Saturday December 22nd we were able to leave. only three more marina's until we get to Carrabelle. FL to wait for the gulf crossing.

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