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Hoppies, Kaskaskia Lock,, Paducha
By Tom Haak
Posted on 10/5/2018 12:20 PM
We arrived at Hoppies where we were originally going to stay for one day.  However, because Tom had to do work on the strainer and impellers, due to the Alton experience, we stayed an extra day.  At Hoppies we tied up to a barge.  The current was so strong that the bow came in really hard.  Fortunately, there were four guys to hold off the boat from crashing into the barge.  Hoppies had nothing to offer other than their barge.  However, the little town, Kimmswick, had quite a lot to offer. 

    Boat against the barge at Hoppies                              One of many shops downtown


  Each night there is a briefing on traveling conditions.         Tilly the boat cat....isn't she inquisitive

We weren't able to leave Hoppies until 11:30 Monday morning because of fog.  Our next stop was the Kaskaskia lock wall.  

  tied to the lock wall                                                        docktails at the lock wall
We met a whole new group of Loopers from Hoppies to the Lock wall.  Stayed at the wall for one night.  Then onto Little Diversion which is an anchorage.  Stayed one night on anchor.  

  picture of the anchorage                                                  boats coming into the anchorage

In transit from the lock wall to the anchorage we went from the mighty Mississippi to the Ohio River.  On the Missisiippi we were being pushed by te current, on the Ohio the current was against us, therefore it took quite a while to get to Paducha.  When we left Paducah for Green Turtle Bay, we went from travelling on the Ohio to the Cumberland river.  The Cumberland was much nicer than the previous two.  Still a little current though.

    Paducah had a BBQ cookoff...Yum                                        Paduca


We arrived in Green Turtle Bay on thursday September 27th.  this is where we will stay until October 26th.  

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