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Finally the repairs are complete August 17th, 2017
By Tom Haak
Posted on 8/23/2017 2:22 PM
After two weeks living on the hard, (that's what it's called when the boat is out of the water)  the repairs are finally completed. They put us in the water on Friday August 18th.  We did a test run which did not go well.  When the rudders were taken off, there was fluid leakage.  When the rudders were put back on nobody checked the line for air.  Guess what, there was air in the line......because of that, there was limited rudder action.  When Tom asked the mechanic about this, he said "I don't know how to do that"  REALLY!  (Keep in mind it was about 3pm in the afternoon on Friday)  I don't think he wanted to get involved, at that time of day, with something that might prevent him from leaving work on time.  (Just my opinion). We couldn't leave until this was done.  Thankfully the captain is very clever and mechanically inclined.   He was able to fashion a stand pipe to the fill port.  He continuously filled the tube with hydraulic fluid which eventually pushed the air out of the line.  It was a messy process.  The fill tube kept over flowing.  We had to continuously watch it and wipe up the spillage.  This process was started on Saturday and completed on Sunday.   It worked and we able to leave the marina early Monday morning.
After finally leaving the marina, we decided to go all the way to Drummond Island where we would clear customs into the U.S.  It was about a nine hour trip but we didn't care, we just wanted out of offense Canada, from what we saw, you're a beautiful country, but we had enough of you. 

Yeah, we're back in the U.S.  So glad. Because of the repair delay, we decided to just travel the Wisconsin side of lake Michigan.  By this time we were very anxious to get to Sturgeon Bay and then onto Sheboygan to pick up my sister.  My sister is going to join us for the trip from Sheboygan until she can't stand being with us anymore.

We left Drummond Island, travelled to Beaver Island, then onto Washington Island.  We met Tom's brother Mike and his friend Kim in Washington Island.  We spent the weekend with them.  Went to the BBQ championship on Sat.  Yum Yum the BBQ was very delish. From Washington Island, we went to Sister Bay for an overnight and onto Sturgeon Bay.  Yeah.....we'll be here for 7-10 days.

Until the next post.

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