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Canada here we come !
By Tom Haak
Posted on 7/22/2017 7:46 AM
We're BAAAACK!  Anyone reading the blog has noticed that there haven't been any postings for quite some time.  Before we left the states we used our jetpack for internet access.  No problem.  When we arrived in Canada I tried to get on the internet with the jetpack but couldn't get service.  I called Verizon.  You know how it is, you talk to one CS rep and they give you a reason.  After more attempts in different parts of Canada still no service.  Call Verizon again speak to someone different, they give me a fix.  It still doesn't work, call back speak to someone else only to find out that because of the age of the jetpack, it is not compatible with the Canadian services.  Well, that's a fine cup of tea. Who knew to check that out before leaving the U.S....apparently not me.  Anyway long story short, I've got internet service today, so here we go.

We crossed Lake Champlain where the Richelieu Rivers rises and flows to the north in the province of Quebec and empties into the St. Lawrence river.  This is where we cleared customs. (Keep in mind that the main language is French). Two agents came out of the building and asked all the usual questions.  We gave them our passports and Tilly's vet papers and they went back in the building.  When they came back, they said they have to board our boat and we needed to come off.  It's one of those things, you know you've done nothing wrong, or have anything to hide, but it's still unsettling having these two guys traipsing around your boat (wearing big army type boots) opening cabinets, suitcases, lockers, engine compartments etc.  Seemed like they were in there forever.  They came out and said "enjoy your trip".  Wonder how they determine who gets boarded.  Tom must have seemed very suspicious. 

Ok, now we're in Canadian waters.  Just like that the Garmin doesn't work.  We don't have cell phone service and no data and it's starting to rain.  What a picture perfect start to our Canadian travels.....NOT!  Tom found out the garmin needed a chip for Canada and our phones had to be reset to allow roaming for this trip.  

We were ill prepared to say the least.

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