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6/14/16 - 6/25/17 Fort Edward
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/29/2017 2:27 PM
We left Mechanicville on Wednesday morning after the headset arrived.  We had received some sad news.  My mothers' husband, Roy,  passed away.  He was one month short of turning 93.  By all accounts, he had a rich and full life.  I don't think I ever knew a man who was so happy and up beat all the time (even with his ailments).  He loved telling jokes.  One of the many things I will remember about him is how he would tell a joke and start laughing before he delivered the punch line.  My mom and Roy were married for 25 years.  Our family was very happy for mom to have found love a second time around.   We will forever be thankful to Roy and his family how accepting they were of mom and her family.

                                     Roy Butz.....gone but not forgotten.  Rest In Peace Roy!

Tom and I rented a car and drove to Wisconsin to be with our family.  We were able to leave our boat at the free dock in Fort Edward.  Tim who's in charge of the locks said he would check on the boat periodically to make sure things were ok.  We returned to the boat Friday June 23rd (in the midst of their celebrating Fort Edward Heritage days) and left Fort Edward Sunday June 25th to continue our journey.

Tom and Carol
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