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5/31/17 Half moon Bay to Kingston, NY
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 5:40 AM

We left Half moon bay on May 30th on our way to Kingston.  We were in the middle of the river, and ooppps the fuel filter malfunction again.  We anchored and Tom changed the filter.  Still don't know why these things aren't checked in advance of departure.  However, the river was a much better place to anchor.  The sun was shining and the water was calm.  I must say, the travel on the river at this point is very comfortable.  The trip took 6 hours and we enjoyed some awesome sights along the way.

West Point on the left and The Culinary Institute of America.
We saw many light houses along the way marking channels into little towns and cities.
The picture on the left is the marina where we stayed and on the right a picture of the town.  We had only planned on staying two nights in Kingston. however we ended up staying 7 nights.  Tom had a growth on his forearm that he wanted to get checked out.  He had it removed on Friday and we had to wait for the biopsy report.  That came in on Tuesday...he went back to the doctor, they scraped and burned until all the cancer was removed.  I still don't know how they can tell they got it all.  Guess that's where faith in the doctor comes in.
Over the weekend, we did more exploring of Kingston.  There was a boat building competition coming up later this month, so there were instructional courses going on open to the public.
The instructor is building the boat on the left and on the right is the finished product.  Very interesting.
         We finally put the dinghy in the water and Took A Spin.  When We Were Ready To Go Across The River, the engine wouldn't start.   Bummer.  Fortunately ,  our boat neighbors were Headed Across The River And Offered us a ride.  Thanks Tim And Alice.

After A Week In Kingston (May 31 - June 7th),   we're On Our Way To Shady Harbor where we'll stay for two nights. 


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