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5/29/17 Jersey City to Half Moon Bay on the Hudson
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 5:39 AM
We departed Jersey City around 10:30a.m.  The day was bleak, overcast and rainy.  One advantage to our ride over to Half Moon Bay, our next overnight) was having our own persona tour guide.  Alyssa was on board.  She's very familiar with the area and was able to highlight some of the points of interest.  Alyssa on the left bluffs on the

                           This is the George Washington Bridge on it's side. Notice the little red lighthouse by the right leg of the bridge.  It's called Jeffrey Hook Lighthouse and was the subject of the childrens book  "Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge". It was constructed in 1889 and first lit in 1921. When the bridge was completed in 1931, the lighthouse was considered obsolete and the Goast Guard decommissioned it and put out its light in 1948 with the intention of auctioning it off.  Fans of the childrens book wouldn't have it and te Coast Guard deeded it over to the state of NY and put on the National Register of Historic Places.

 Notice how flat t he water is.  Traveling on the Hudson is a nice change from travelling the ocean or some of the sounds.  The tide was pushing us so we were able to get an extra couple of knots per hour.  Our trip took 4 hours.  Half Moon Bay Marina was in a very pretty setting.  It is situated in Croton on the Hudson.  We pulled into the Marina on Memorial Day.  Alyssa had to get back home because she had to work the next day.  The train station was conveniently located within walking distance of the marina.  We walked her to the train station to catch the 5 p.m. train and she was home by 6:30.

Because the marina didn't have laundry facilities, we used a laudramat in town.  We got a good workout that day.  I was able to hitch a ride to a grocery store with a couple from the marina.  By the time we got back, several more loopers had arrived.  It was time for docktails on our boat. 

Depending upon how fast or slow the people in the pictures travel, we may never run into them again.

 The setting of this marina was very pretty.  Not a lot of amenities, but very pretty.

Wednesday May 31st, we were on our way to Kingston, NY. 

Tom, Carol and Tilly

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