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5/28/17 Great Kills to Jersey City, NJ
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 5:38 AM
We left Great Kill around 12:15 Sunday afternoon.  It was only 2 1/2 hours to Liberty Landing in Jersey City.  The weather was chilly and overcast.  Ya know, since we left Savannah in April the majority of the time, the weather has been windy, rainy, chilly and overcast.  Seems like the sun only shines every 5-7 days. 
We were going to anchor behind the statue of liberty, which would have been cool, but Tom and Alyssa had to go back to her place to pick up our mail.  We had it shipped to her for the time being, but when she left on Saturday it hadn't come yet so they had to go get it. 
Tom thought coming in to NY city was like Dorothy coming into the Emerald City in OZ.  You can see it on the horizon, but you just can't get there.
When we entered the harbor, there were several police boats.  We didn't know what was going on, just thought perhaps because of the holiday weekend, the police presence increased.  Unfortunately, the reality was that a navy seal, who was part of a parachute exercise, became separated from his parachute and hit the water.  His parachute was found in the parking lot.  The seal didn't make it.  What a sad situation.

We walked around the marina in the morning before leaving for our next stop.


Top left is Ellis Island, top right is the train station that was used to transfer people from Elllis Island to wherever.  Bottom left is part of the train station.  Bottom right is a 911 memorial with the names of residents of New Jersey.  We think that the alignment of the walls were in the direction where th original towers stood.
Very moving. 

We'll be continuing up the Hudson the next day.

Tom, Carol and Tilly (the boat cat) 


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