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5/26/17 Cape May NJ to Atlantic City, NJ
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 5:34 AM
As mentioned in the previous post, we're running the ocean today.  The day is bright and sunny, however the wind is blowing between 10-15 knots and the seas are between 4-6 feet.  Travel like this is not my cup of tea, so I had to put on my big girl pants and tough through it. (what other options did I have)  Now, if you like riding a roller coaster, you would really enjoy this.  Think about this, we're only 30 miles from Atlantic City.  By boat that will take us four hours on this roller coaster.  Oh, did I mention there is a small craft advisory?
I did eventually drive the boat.  I figured I better step up and get some experience with unfavorable conditions, who knows what might be coming our way.


Finally we reached the inner harbor at Atlantic City.  What a relief.  We settled into our slip and were greeted by other loopers who have been stranded in Atlantic City for a week because of weather.  Some had already done the part of the loop that we still have coming up and we gained much information from them regarding places to stay and things to see.  One thing about fellow loopers (and boaters in general) is that they're always there to lend a hand.  After gathering with the folks for a social hour, it was time to hit the casino.


Big spender here, I lost a whooping $19.95...My budget was $20.00. I played quite awhile on that $20.

These buildings were situated within the marina.  It was a very lively area with music well into the night.
The next day we planned on leaving around 5:30 for Great Kills Yacht Harbour.  Hope the conditions are favorable.

Until next time.


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