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5/23/17 Arrived Cape May NJ
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 4:47 AM
We were able to leave Delaware City for Cape May, NJ on Tuesday May 23rd. The wind and the current were in sync.   It was a mass exodus.  When the weather conditions are right, everyone moves. We were traveling with three other boats.  Believe it or not, we travel at a faster speed then two of the three boats.  The third boat is a go fast boat and was just hanging with the other two boats.  After a period of time, the go fast boat caught up and passed us and was in his slip by the time we got to the marina.  I guess when sail boats start to pass you, it's time to go faster. The trip took 6.5 hours and was ok, not a lot of slop.  

Our plans were to check out Cape May on Wed. the 24th and leave on Thurs. the 25th. and take the ICW as opposed to the ocean.  That sounded good to me.  We checked out the town on the 24th, went grocery shopping and headed back to the marina.  We met the people in the boat next to us.  They're captain and crew for the owner who has a home in FL and CT. We joined them for pizza that evening.  

Again, because of weather, our plans for leaving were changed.  We couldn't leave on the 25th and Tom had decided to take the ocean.   Looking at the weather, the best day to leave Cape May was going to be Saturday the 27th. I was actually happy we didn't leave on the 25th because it gave me more time to check out the town again at my own pace.  The sun was finally out and it was great!


Tom decided the winds were in a good position to leave Friday the 26th and run on the outside.  The rest of the group was leaving Sat. the 27th.   

Off we go to Atlantic City.

Tom, Carol and Tilly
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