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Chesapeake City MD and Deleware City DE
By Tom Haak
Posted on 6/1/2017 4:19 AM
 We left Baltimore for Chesapeake City on May 20th.  The weather conditions were overcast, cool and of course WINDY.....  we passed four military ships on their way to Baltimore harbor.  That was a cool thing to see.  The trip took 6.25 hours.  Once in Chesapeake City we met up with other loopers and had docktails...not on the dock though.   We talked strategy for the next days departure to Deleware City.  

We departed Chesapeake city for Delaware city the next day May 21st. Once again, the wind was howling.  We had a hard time getting off the dock because the wind kept pushing us in.  Did a bit of damage to the side of the boat because it rubbed against the dock while trying to get off.  Bummer....glad it's not a new boat.  The ride took 3 hours.  Everything was fne until we got to Deleware Bay, then it became dicey and we were blown about waiting while trying to get to our slip.  There were four boats coming in at the same time.  Because of conditions on the bay and no room in Cape May, we had to stay an extra night.  The wind and the current have to be just right in order to have an enjoyable passage. Even though the conditions were rainy, we still took a tour of the town.                                Tom got a kick out of the name of the restaurant below. 
The travel conditions were good enough for us to leave May 23rd and head for Cape May NJ.

Tom, Carol and Tilly (the boat cat)          
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