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On to Annapolis
By Tom Haak
Posted on 5/26/2017 7:15 AM
Before leaving port, the captain reviews the charts to plot the course. This morning Tilly thought she would lend
lend him a paw.
They plotted the course to Annapolis MD. We departed Solomon's' at 6:45 with calm seas and sun shinning.  It was a spectacular ride.  We arrived in Annapolis around noon.  Because of our reckless behavior the previous evening, our first order of business was to rent a car and drive back to Solomon's.  Half way to Solomon's we discovered that we did not have our camera.  "Oh no" where could it be?  We racked our brains and determined it to be at our last stop of the evening which was the restaurant.  We placed a call to the restaurant and the manager called back.  He had the camera.  Yeah.  We (Tom) evidently left it hanging on a chair.  Lesson learned: from now on make sure all valuables are present and accounted for.  Geeeeez

Anyway, back to Annapolis.  What a beautiful city.  So much history, such beautiful homes.  I think it certainly
rivals Savannah.  
We caught up with some fellow loopers (that how we're referred to because (my opinion) to do this adventure you have to be pretty loopy) and had dinner. 
The next day we took a guided tour of the city to include the Naval Academy.  Did you know, that the students get free college, room and board to attend the academy?  In exchange for the freebies, they have to maintain a certain grade point, and give 5 or 6 years of duty to the USA. Not a bad deal (in my opinion).

We had a good time learning from the tour.  We went to Elke and Larry's boat for a few drinks and went back to our boat for dinner.  After dinner we walked over for ice cream.

On Thursday we left for Baltimore MD.  See next post.

Carol, Tom and Tilly (the boat cat)


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