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Quick update
By Tom Haak
Posted on 5/11/2017 3:53 PM

Hello all,  I best bring ya'll up to date.  Last report was from oriental NC on may 3rd.  I believe I said, in the last post, that we hoped to be in Norfolk by Friday for the weekend.  Well, that didn't happen. We left oriental and went as far as Alligator River marina.  Definitely not your usual marina.  It runs alongside a highway and the marina owner also runs a gas station that sells fried chicken among other food items.  That's where we settled up our docking fees.  The next morning , may 4th, the winds were blowing.  We helped two sailboats off the docks before we departed.  The departure was pretty uneventful.   Off we were to Coinjock.  In order to get to Coinjock, we had to cross the Albemarle Sound.  Well, after that crossing, I was ready to end this (stupid ...........boat trip.  I was beside myself.   Once again, the rocking and rolling.  Geeze I didn't think it would ever end.  How much more of this can I take?  Time will tell.   

So we get to Coinjock about 1 in the afternoon.  The marina is a long dock that they pack full of boats with only inches between each boat.

We met other loopers and gather for docktails around 5.  We made a reservation for dinner for the world acclaimed prime rib.  Prime rib was OK, nothing to write home about.
  Prime Rib for 2

 The next morning we get up and it's cloudy with rain in the forecast.  We wanted to get out of there but because the boats were so close together ,and neither boat,  (forward or aft) was leaving we weren't leaving until someone helped us.  In the meantime, the weather forecast now was issuing tornado warnings.   The captain decided it was best to stay put until the next day.  We made the best of it with margaritas and taco salad made with leftover prime rib. 

We get up Saturday and find out the bridges are not operating because of the winds and high water.   Great :(  stuck in coinjock another day.  Boats were still coming in and because no one could leave, boats had to raft next to each other.

Did I mention that there is nothing in coinjock other than the restaurant. Couldn't even watch the derby because it wouldn't come in.

We'll, the bridges still aren't open early Sunday.  Everyone is itching to get out of there. Then at 10am word comes across that the bridge is open.  I've never seen so many boats clear out so quickly.   We were one of the last boats to leave because most of the others go much faster.  Finally we were out of NC and on our way to Norfolk. I was beginning to think we would never leave.  

Thankfully the ride to Norfolk was pleasant.  A water pump went out and had to be replaced. Fortunately there was a place in portsmith that sold them. (Break out another thousand) least tom is able to make repairs.

We toured the battleship Wisconsin in Norfolk.   It was really interesting. 

We left Norfolk on Wednesday and headed for Deltaville. We crossed via rivers.  Yuch...another stressful voyage.  Egads!!!

Okay, now we're up to date.   We left this morning around 6ish.  We were headed for Solomon MD which was 48 miles away.  Because of weather,  we took refuge in Jennings boatyard.  In 3 and a half hours we traveled 15 miles.  Remind me again why we're doing this boat trip....think of where we could be if we were travelling in a car.  Oh well,  I  have learned that there will be good days and really, really bad days.

Until next time.

Happy travels (I hope) 

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