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Back on the water again
By Tom Haak
Posted on 5/3/2017 5:29 PM
So, we were to leave New Bern on Monday.   The winds Were blowing 20 mph  which would not be a pleasurable trip. We decided to wait until Tuesday.   We toured a governors palace that was built in 1760, burned down and rebuilt.  It was an enjoyable tour with ice cream at the cub cafe at the end.  Yummy!

We got up Tuesday and almost decided to wait another day.  Were we becoming complacent already?  No, let's go,  and we left about 730.

We needed gas before we left town....oops I mean fuel...not supposed to say gas..... we use diesel.  Tom is always correcting me.  He's afraid i'll ask for gas at the next fuel dock.  That would be bad.  I called the dock to tell them we would be coming over.  They said no one would be available until 830 or 900.  The captain didn't want to wait until then.  He assured me that we had enough to get to oriental .

We proceeded to motor through the bridge and into the Neuse river.  The river wasn't bad this morning.  Then.......remember  when the captain said "no problem" we have enough gas?  The port (left) engine quit.  I asked  (in my stressed squeaky voice) are we out of gas? He went below to assess the situation.  He determined the failure was due to a dirty fuel filter.  Between you and I,  isn't that something that should be checked before departure?        OK, so the port engine starts and then stops, then the starboard (right) shuts down.         Yikes, i'm ready to call tow boat to hall us in to oriental.     He dropped anchor and heads below again.he determined the starboard engine is out of gas. He was able to get the port engine running and we were able to get into oriental for fuel.      It was a stressful situation, but one handled efficiently by the captain.
We stayed there because the winds picked up again.

There were fellow loopers there so we had dock tails.  All in all everything worked out.  We got fuel, engines were checked and all is good.    

We departed 630 this morning, headed toward Norfolk with a couple of stops in between.

  Until later  CT&T

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