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It's been a week
By Tom Haak
Posted on 4/24/2017 8:03 AM
Wow, its been a whole week since leaving Savanah Bend and starting our journey.  I must say, up until yesterday, it was smooth motoring.   When we left from cedar Pointe NC on Sunday it was cloudy with the threat of rain.  No big deal until we hit the Neuse River.  Yikes! The stress started out slow.   The waves were crashing over the bow.  It wasn't terrible it was actually kind of mesmerizing.  I told Tom I was going below to get the camera.  Once below, the s____t hit the fan.  (fill in the blanks).  Pound, pound, pound...rocking and rollin....doors were banging, dishes rattling.  I spent some time below trying to get my sea legs.  Not sure how long I was down there, but Tom must have realized I was gone for a while and used the intercom to ask if I was OK.  "NO" was my reply.  At that time, I took the opportunity to tell him I was never going on the ocean.  I figure if a river can be this violent, what must the ocean be like.  OMG ! 

We're on our way to New Bern NC.  That's where we'll be attending the rendezvous.   Looking forward to staying in one spot for a week.  Yippe  I know both Tilly and Tom are looking forward to that to.

Until next time....have a great day or days......
PS I should be able to get picture info at the meeting.

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