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South Carolina is beautiful
By Tom Haak
Posted on 4/21/2017 11:44 AM
Well, we left Charleston on Thursday.  Egads, the conditions were very foggy.  In my mind I was questioning the captains decision to leave under these conditions.  He thought once we were clear of the marina the icw would have better visibility... ...Wrong....however it did clear after about a half hour of stress.  (I am learning quite quickly)to trust my captain.  The generator is up and runing.  Yeah  Thursday we motored as far as Murrells Inlet SC.   From what we hear (TALKING TO A LOCAL) that area is an up and coming retirement community.  Lots of folks coming from up north.

 I must say there were a lot of awesome properties in SC. And the cruise was very enjoyable  (with the exception of one AH)  he went by us to fast, Tom turned into his wake, we heard crashing.  The TV, a chair some wine bottles and two lamps hit the floor. Some people are so ignorant it's frightening. 

Just crossed into NC.
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