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Fort Myers - to Brunswick GA
By Tom Haak
Posted on 4/29/2019 5:44 PM
As stated in the previous post, we spent a night in Gasparilla before our final leg to Fort Myers.  We were ready to go on the 29th.  We started the engines and only one started.  There was an issue with the port engine.  It wouldn't start.  Fortunately there was a repair facility in the marina.  Tom tracked down a mechanic and the battery was started with a jump pack.  So, $100 and a couple of hours later we were ready to go.  By the time we got to Fort Myers, the batteries were an issue again.  In Toms' terms...they were cooked.  The starboard engine checked in at 175 degrees.  The normal temp is around 75 degrees.  He tells me later that the battery situation was ripe for a fire.  Holy crap!  The first two weeks in Fort Myers were spent in the engine room replacing batteries, pulling parts and getting them checked out replacing a battery charger.  Geeze Louise.....Do you know what BOAT stands for "Break Out Another Thousand".  

We enjoyed staying in Fort Myers at the City dock.  Seemed there was always something going on.  For a while, we thought we would make Fort Myers our home base, but have since changed our minds.  

I'm going to make this post quick, considering it is now April and we're back in Georgia. 

Out of all  the cities in FL, Fort Myers has the highest total number of days with sun.  Fort Myers is a tourist destination.  The winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are major attractions.  Fort Myers received electric light in 1898 courtesy of winter resident Thomas Edison.  There's' a museum on the grounds and a beatifical botanical garden and event facility along with historic buildings.  

  Edison by the banyan tree in the garden                   me with Mrs. Edison in the garden

  flowers from the garden                                          Edison's workshop

 Edison, Firestone and Ford brainstorming in Centennial Park

We left Fort Myers on February 28th and headed for Ortega Landing in Jacksonville which is another potential for our future port.  Our first nights' stop was Labelle town dock.  Labelle is best know for the swamp cabbage festival.  Swamp cabbage is know as the sabal palm (Florida's" state tree) or cabbage palm tree.  There's a parade and festivities at the park.  We tried the swamp cabbage soup and fritters.  Both very delicious.  

                Swamp cabbage festival                                               Swamp cabbage stew

  Free dock in LaBelle                                                Saw several of these guys along the way

We left LaBelle for Clewiston.  It was a cute town.

Left Clewiston for St. Lucie.

Finally our last 144 locks                           Marina at St Lucie

Left St Lucie for Vero Beach.  Stayed at Vero an extra day because of weather.

  Dolphins                             traveling on a weekend is very busy                    saw lots of sailboat racing

Left Vero for Cocoa

Left Cocoa for Daytona.  We were there during bike week.  that was pretty cool to see.

 Daytona book store downtown.  over 500,000 books.   Random lighthouse




We left Daytona on March 8th and headed for St. Augustine.  
  Early departure                                                      Tom likes to film lighthouses

While in St. Augustine, we toured The Castillo de San Marcos fort.  It's the oldest and largest masonry fort in the continental United States.  

 re-enactment soldiers                                                Very informative tour guide.  And our hair color is the same.  

   Firing their weapons                       


  View as we're leaving the next morning.

We only stayed one night and left for Ortega landing (Jacksonville, FL)  in the morning.  We stayed in Jacksonville Until April 10th.

On April 11th we left for Brunswick Ga.  We arrived April 12th and are staying here until May 8th.  We'll then proceed to Savannah where we will complete our loop.   YEAH, ALMOST THERE!!!  We will be planning a little gathering once we return.  I'll post information once we get closer.


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