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Pressing on after leaving Green Turtle Bay KY
By Tom Haak
Posted on 11/5/2018 9:09 AM
We were at Green Turtle Bay, KY for one month.  We arrived at this marina on September 27th and left on October 27th.  This is by far the best marina.  It's a resort/marina.  The grounds are beautiful.  There are two outdoor swimming pools and one inside the spa.  The inside pool offered water Zumba, which I went to each time it was offered.  There was also a fitness center, hair salon, massages, Mani's Pedi's. All the pampering you could want....for a fee of course.  We stayed there for a month so Tom could get some boat work done and I drove back to WI to attend my nephews' wedding.  We also went to Nashville which was only 2.5 hours away (by car) 3 days by boat (just another example of how silly this trip is) .


While in Nashville, we went to the Johnny Cash museum and had some fun at Madam Trudeau's wax museum.

                                                                                          Tom & Patsy sing a duet
   Tom likes singing with the lady's                                            Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder 

         Harley chic                                                         Tom rockin it with BB King
Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding.

My nephew Jacob and his wife Kara                              My nephew Nicholas   

When I got back from WI, the city of Grand Rivers, (about 2 miles from the marina) was having a parade and bizarre to celebrate the Halloween weekend.

  Start of the parade                                                          Doing some shopping before the parade

    Trolley ran from the marina to Grand Rivers                 Everybody loves a parade

We took the trolley to the welcome center and found about 250 plastic pumpkin carvings.  They were awesome!

Toward the end of our stay at GTB our boating buddies, Kerry and Russ, who we've boated with since leaving Sturgeon Bay in August, decided that they were tired of travelling everyday and were going to find a place to hunker down for the winter.  It was a sad day. :( 

Kerry and Russ Wende....M/V Long Story

We left Green Turtle bay on October 27th with the Wende's and would travel with them for 3 more days and then parted ways.  That's another part of the trip that I don't enjoy.  I like meeting the people and travelling with them, but then at some point you go your separate ways and never see them again.  

To be continued.

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