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Here we go Loop de Loop

Back to the future (via the present)
By BEATITUDES (by His Grace)
Posted on 1/29/2017 11:49 AM
I got another dose of reality.  Got another episode half done only to have it glitched out.  Guess my success is somewhat tainted.  It's a learn as you go sort of reality and I am still looking forward to doing this on a laptop that doesn't go to auto-dump on its own accord.  Maybe by then I will get some help on how I can include pics and video (anyone out their with their ears on?). 

Okay, back to the present on our trip toward the boat and the Loop.  We are a couple days away from departing San Antonio and I am fighting one of my worst colds ever.  I have actually had it since about a week before we left California. Well, it finally knocked me to my knees.  I went to bed with the shakes and chills one day and w/o eating the next before I felt the worst had passed.  I even shied from family that had come in for my Grandson's graduation from Air Force boot camp (fortunately we get to see them at our next couple of stops - unfortunately, not my grandson as he will be training at Langley for the next three months ((I did get to see him and will look forward to visits later))).

I had an epiphany regarding writing this blog on mobile (tablet). Save as you go after brief parts at a time. Part two, like my bouts with cancers, one does not understand how sick they are until the breaking down is completed and the healing reaches a point that you fell as well as think you should.  Now for those of you who have the extensive life experiences Nan and I have had (it's call age LOL), things might not quite reach that level at which they once were.  Still okay provided they are in an acceptable range for your own expectations (a word to the wise, don't let anyone else lower your expectations - after all is said and done, they are still yours).  If you, like Nan and I, decide to go Looping, do it.  Nothing beats a failure but another try.  While He blessed us with the health and desire to continue, our life is dedicated toHim and to Looping.

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