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Bruce & Beverly's Blog

South Carolina to Home
By Beverly Kness
Posted on 4/21/2018 12:00 PM

Our fleet of three left Osprey Marina on a beautiful morning. 
We had a beautiful day of travel on our last day on the water.

Below: Seeing a flag fly from the crane was neat!

As we traveled, a few other boats joined our fleet.  We were the lead boat so we knew
we would want to give the security call as we got near to the "Rock Pile".  Bruce and I talked
about what we would say and I wrote it down.  Then Bruce said, now you can say it when
we get there.  I said "me! ?"  Okay,  this is what I said on Channel 16.

" Security, Security, Security (pronounced Securite')
This is Seaquest, Seaquest, Seaquest
Seaquest and four other 40' trawlers are at Mile Marker 353, northbound intending to enter the
area of Pine Island Cut, known as the Rock Pile.  Because of our size and limited maneuverability
we will be utilizing the center of the channel and request that any south bound vessels hold their
position until we have exited the Rock Pile.  We will monitor Channel 16 for any concerned traffic. 

I asked Bruce, "would I say, over and out?" No, was the answer because "over and out " 
means you expect an answer. So we just ended with "out"

Shortly after we cleared that stretch we saw the Myrtle Beach Lighthouse on
the shore, marking the corner of the marina.

We were happy to arrive at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.

We met up with Richard and Jeannine here and also Joey, who drove over
again while we were still close to his home.  

Joey brought us a gift.  Boiled peanuts!
Boiling peanuts has been a folk cultural practice in the South since the 19th century. 
The practice of eating boiled peanuts was likely brought from West Africa, by slaves. 
Raw peanuts in the shell are put in a large pot of very heavily salted water and boiled.
  The resulting food is a very soft peanut in the shell, invariably quite salty. 
The softened peanuts are easy to open. 

Pictured below are the peanuts after I shelled them. 
The southerners say "boiled" but it sounds like
"bowled" peanuts.   lol 



Andy and Julie, the former owners of Seaquest, live close to the marina.  It was fun to see them! 

Tammi, from Ned Pepper, had a birthday so we had a birthday party up in our flybridge!

We prepared Seaquest for her summer rest and left her tied up in the slip.
Ed and Kate on Total Eclipse and Mike, Tammi and Andrew on Ned Pepper 
were so kind to help us get the rental car loaded up that morning before we took off
for home. We took home things that we really didn't need on the boat 
and things that we want to use this summer at home. We had the vehicle packed full!

  Andrew took our picture before we bid each other good bye.

It seemed so different to not continue on with our buddy boats! 
It was a chilly morning when we left.

We had a beautiful day of travel as we headed home.

As we continued north, it started to snow. 
Even though it was snowing, plumes of black smoke and flame could
be seen for miles around the Helena Chemical plant outside of Orion, Illinois.

According to a news article,
the fire started in the storage facility that housed pesticides and other farm
chemicals. The plant had filled the facility just days ago. There is still no word
on what caused the fire but the crews were expecting it to be a total loss. 

The weather continued to deteriorate as we traveled north! 
A person doesn't have to be on a boat to have adventures!  lol 

The 511 Iowa free app was very helpful on our way home.  

 We decided to stop for the night and continue on
in the morning after the roads had a chance to clear.

Our journey is coming to a close.  Many people have asked if I will miss the boat. 
Miss the boat?  Well, let's see - hauling the laundry down to the marina washer and dryer,
hoping they work; walking or riding our bikes to the grocery store and hauling the
groceries back to the boat and wondering if it will all fit in the small refrigerator;
worrying about whether or not we were going to run aground; wondering about
the weather, the tides and the currents; walking to the showers hoping one
is available.  No, I won't miss a lot of that. 

However, that is not what the boat really was.  The boat was picking blueberries
and catching fish in Canada.  It was watching some of the most gorgeous sunsets of
our lives. It was traveling to a new port and finding out that a local festival was
taking place and we were there for it.  It was sharing a potentially difficult water night 
crossing with a few other boats, making it across safely and celebrating with them
at dinner that night.  Our time on the boat was one of discovery, of new places and
new friends, new foods and new ideas.  We have seen so much on the boat that we
would have missed on land.  Seeing Eagles and seagulls swoop down and get a fish.
To see dolphins swim along side of our boat was more exciting than I could have
even imagined!  The people we met will remain special to us,
because we share a special bond with them.

We are home now and we appreciate our home more than ever!  The appliances seem
so large!  The microwave and refrigerator are huge!  The washer and dryer
are available anytime, are conveniently located and you don't need quarters! 

Thanks to our family and friends who took the time to read our blog!
Your encouragement and response has been greatly appreciated!

From the Captain:

Cruising the Great Loop was a journey that we will never forget.
We have had the adventure of living on the boat for 14 months and have traveled
over 7,000 miles touring three countries; US, Canada and the Bahamas.   

We will cherish the experiences for the rest of our lives and we are
grateful for having had the opportunity to do this trip.

Our plan for Seaquest is to take her back to Florida in the fall and
live on her next winter.  At this point we plan to sell Seaquest in the Spring of 2019.

This is our final blog. 
We sincerely thank you each of you who have kept up with us, by reading our blog.
Bon Voyage!

Your friends, Bruce and Bev 


Winter Harbor
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