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Beaufort to Charleston
By Janet Trotter
Posted on 5/4/2017 8:03 AM
Despite the 24 hours of rain and winds gusting over 30, we enjoyed Beaufort again. Not much has changed in 10 years, it is a national register historic town after all. We still struggled to pronounce it Byew-furt and restaurants are still the big draw. Low Country Produce in a 100 year old former Post Office building and Saltus on the waterfront both received our top star rating as did the right in town  marina. Yesterday the tide tables controlled our run  to Charleston and we were up early for us  and off the dock at 7:30. Even so, the Coosaw Cut was a challenge and our depth meter showed we should be grounded. Luck (would love to claim skill) was with us and somehow we floated through. It was our longest day yet at over 7 hours, but the tense navigation and beautiful scenery..and an onboard picnic..made time fly. Docking at Charleston City Marina in swift current and a stern in slip was challenging and second try went well. As the Loopers say, any docking without harm to boat or crew is successful. We are ready to see Charleston again, no plan beyond that. Sound familiar? You will be the first to know. Janet
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