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Shelter Cove, Hilton Head SC to Beaufort SC
By Janet Trotter
Posted on 4/30/2017 3:18 PM
What a great 5 nights in Shelter Cove! Each night we walked to a different restaurant, all quite nice with outdoor patios and most with live music. Thursday night is Music in the Plaza with a good band that had everyone dancing...some quite badly...but you try it in flip flops (the official shoe of the ICW). We made good use of the free red loaner bikes and the 60 miles of paved bike trails. The hottest day, Phil took a long bike ride and I walked to the local Art interesting show. I had no idea how many similar ways there are to paint the salt flats, water, ubiquitous sunset but it was a very nice modern gallery space with theater for performing arts in same building. Unfortunately, Sister Act was sold out but always nice to see a vital community supporting the arts. The tide dropped 10 feet daily so the dock ramp went from almost flat to scary steep twice daily. Today we timed our departure to catch a rising tide and arrived in Beaufort at slack tide as Phil had carefully planned. The docking even then was into a strong current and high wind but 3 strong dock hands were there to help and one of them gave me a "good job lady". All docking draws a crowd in these conditions and a woman at the helm has everyone sucking in air. Hey, there is no way I could "man" the heavy lines in these conditions. High 5
Dog River Marina
Midway Marina
Freedom Lift