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How does our Great Loop continue ?
By Gebhard Dreher
Posted on 4/22/2017 5:25 PM
How does our big loop continue? Here is a brief summary of the current state. 
In the photo you can see our coronet in the customs port, ready to be shipped
to USA. We rode the 650 km to Bremerhaven and delivered it at the terminal.  
The parties involved: Our authorized agent, the shipping company, the customs
office. Our only task to bring the boat was done. Everything else was the
responsibility of the agency.   Four days after the delivery of our boat the news,
the cargo ship has left, but our boat has not taken.   The reason ? - He was not
clear for us. At any rate, the agent, shipping company and customs could not
communicate or agree, and so the boat has just been left standing. 3 days ago
we picked it up again in Bremerhaven. -----   Since you are now preparing for a
large 9-month journey for years, besides visa, of course, piles nautical documents,
brings the boat to Vordermann, builds various additional things, we eg, heating,
further stauschränkchen and so on, agreed with American community of interests
helps to transport from the port of duty to the marina, will be a member of the
American model flying association, so that the drone is liable to liability insurance
and can make air traffic there, extends the local boat insurance protection to
American waters etc. etc - yes and then 3 people can not find the way in which our
boat is allowed to enter the cargo ship.   Just take the next ship? This is not
because it would not arrive until mid-June in Florida or Georgia, and because
the time window for the trip would no longer fit.   Yes, not to be grasped, but
that's how it went.   At the moment, we do not know if we want to tackle it again
next year.
We will see.
We wish all the other Loopers to realize the journey of their life !
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